Pick 2 PPR

K. Allen T.Pryor T.Cohen (Jumped on BEFORE game 1) M.Wallace M.Bryant

In PPR I really like the floor of Cohen esp with 12 targets and 8 catches. 12 targets ties for the 5th most of any position for week 1 and I personally am going to ride this wave.

For the second pick I wouldn’t choose Wallace.
Bryant has huge upside potential but I’m waiting until I see him and Big Ben have some chemistry before rolling him out.
Pryor had 11 targets 6 catches and even with that shaky start I like the attention hes getting from Cousins.
Keenan Allen came alive the second half with better play calling week 1 and I really like the matchup against Miami

long story short - Cohen and Allen

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I still think it’s Allen and Pryor

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