Pick 2 - QB Dynasty League

So now that we picked my RBs, let’s pick my worst position, QB. Given the latest changes and signing, this is a bit of a toss up. Choose two:


When do you have to make this call? These three QBs all have a large unknown in their future.

Will the Bucs stay with Winston? Who will be the Lions new OC? Will the Raiders cut Carr and/or draft a QB?

The new coach hiring in TB should be a positive for Winston - assuming he gets the nod.

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I have some time, just wanted to see everyone’s thoughts if I had to choose right now.

id go with stafford. he has the best history of the 3. ive never been a fan of winston and i think carr is done. i feel like he lost his confidence when he broke his leg and just isnt going to be the guy he was that year.

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Wintson Carr


Carr, Winston

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