Pick 2: R. Anderson, McLaurin, Burkhead, Mostert

Stuck in a bit of a pickle here with Kerryon on bye and Adams not playing

This is rough. McLauren is an obvious pick but he’s 50/50. If he plays, you play him.

Burkheads usage is a big fat question mark. Could get carries with NE going up on Washington.

Tevin could be playing Monday and you probably can’t wait that long to see if he’s hitting the field or not for Mostert.

Robby has a juicy matchup and all the talent in the world but no Darnold.

I probably take a flier on Robby and hope McLauren goes but if he doesn’t, hope Billy Boy plays Rex a bunch.

Rex is out this week so don’t play him lol. I would play Robby in a good matchup with Eagles awful passing defense, even though Darnold isn’t playing. If McLaurin plays is play him over Mostert as Coleman is back.

I would go I would go McLauren and Robby. After this week, you may need to make some moves and aquire players who are a bit more .