Pick 2 RBs

Kelly, gore, Mack, white or Stewart ?

Kelly and White

I have it kelly n Mack right now. Too soon for Mack attack ?

Dont like Mack Machtup. The bengals def is very solid. But White in home versus the Chargers is much better

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That’s a tough one. Mack is trending in usage and talent better than anyone listed. White is tough because he seems to be on a decline of usage with the emergence of Lewis. Kelly is no brainer second, if he could stay healthy, maybe he soon will. Stewart is past his prime and McCaffery assuming bigger role by the week. Can I just have Mack?

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Lol well put. Thank god I have Hunt as my no brainer RB1. Everyone else I’ve been rolling the dice all season. I’ve honestly considered dropping Stewart for artis Payne…unreal

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Wait. Is for rest of season or just this week?

This week but I guess we can roll in ROS as well

Ok. This week Kelly and White. Rest of season Mack and Kelly.

Thanks. One more: Wilson (safe), Watson (gamble) or tyrod (gut) ?

I always trust in my gut. You should do the same. And Tyrod have a great matchup.

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Tyrod is a pretty safe bet. Wilson should have big day too. I think you have little risk in either option so roll with the trusty gut.

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Once again, thank you :+1:t2: