Pick 2: Shady, Ingram, or Gurley

Championship round and I’m having difficulty picking between the three listed. They’re all fantastic RBs however their matchups are worrisome.

Gurley seems like a must play, although he’s on the road.

Ingram is at home but didn’t play well last time against the Falcons.

Shady is going to New England, which is a bit worrisome, especially since he didn’t play well against them last time.

Right now I’m leaning Gurley and Ingram. Looking forward to ya’lls insight.

I would play Gurley and Ingram. I love Shady but he’s had enough dud games this year to worry me vs the other two guys who have been locked and loaded.

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Gurley is a must play. There is never a situation in any fantasy scenario where he should be on the bench (except injury). Honestly all three of these guys are must plays so it stinks you have to sit one…

But I would play Gurley and Ingram I think. Ingram just barely over Shady to be though. Can you not flex Shady?

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Sadly no flex. 3 WR 2 RB. :frowning: