Pick 2: Tate, Boyd, Brown

I need to make a choice this week on which 2 to start. In my head I’m for sure starting Boyd vs TB. Having a hard time deciding between Tate vs Seattle and J. Brown at Carolina. Thoughts?

I think i would rather have brown. Detroit is gunna be running the ball a lot i think for game flow since they’ll probably be up in this one.
I like J. Brown against carolina more for this one.

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Any other thoughts? Everywhere has Tate ranked higher. Convince me that he’s a better start than Brown.

Boyd and Brown. Both super consistent with targets and have solid match-ups

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okay lets use basic math. in statistics to help eliminate skewed results you remove the best and worst stats from each grouping. (outliers)

do this with the teams scores against WR. if you do this with ESPN standard scoring carolina alows
20.7pts on average.
Seattle allows 20.55.

Virtually the same. However seattle basically has 2 outliers on the top end with rams and denver. which really drives up their average score. overall seattle is a much harder matchup than they appear.

go with brown against carolina.