Pick 2 to start, please help!

Kupp, Godwin and Tyrell Williams. It’s full ppr I’m really struggling with this one.

I’m leaning towards Kupp & Godwin in my own league. Kupp looked like he didn’t miss a beat with Goff & he was his first read a lot of the time on Sunday. It didn’t translate into the yards you would want, but being full ppr I like that. Plus he always has TD upside.

This is how I’d go, but I wouldn’t be against Williams over Godwin just based on TB being a Thursday game, how Winston played, & how the Jags were able to throw on KC week 1.

Thanks for replying. Yeah I really don’t want to bench Godwin I’m so high on him this year, but Winston scares the hell out of me. I’m definitely going with Kupp just can’t decide between these two