Pick 2 to start this week full ppr

Godwin, Kupp, tyrell Williams and mike Williams
Full PPr

Tyrell and Kupp

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Kupp for sure.
NOS, last year and week 1, is very weak and vulnerable to the #2 and #3 options of another team’s receivers. Lattimore typically shadows 1 guy and shuts him down. Meanwhile, Eli Apple and whoever their third guy is, consistently get burned. Meaning, Kupp should have a good game.

Now its between Godwin, T Williams, and Mike Williams:
Godwin should be in a pass positive game script against a mediocre secondary.
Godwin = great talent + some opportunity

Tyrell Williams will be in a very pass friendly game script against a very vulnerable secondary
Tyrell = mediocre talent + excellent opportunity

Mike Williams will be in a pass negative game script and he is coming back from injury but Henry being out should mean more volume
Mike Williams = good talent but might be injured + mediocre opportunity

I think if you nitro you start Tyrell Williams because he might get 15 targets. Otherwise, I start Godwin. Normally I’d go Mike Williams because of the Henry injury but I don’t like playing people coming back from injury until I see them produce

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All good points, well it’s a 2 wr league not the standard 3 so I have juju in for sure then Kupp I’m going to play for sure it’s just between Williams and Godwin at my flex now. I’m high on Godwin but I’m just nervous about how Tampa played last game