Pick 2 WR .5 PPR

So really needing a win this week and wanna put my best foot forward, especially after Crabtree didn’t give me what I hoped for.
(.5PPR) My WR options are:
Fitz @ LAR (London)
Demaryius @ LAC
Thielen vs BAL

Was leaning Fitz and Thomas but am thinking of last minute swapping Fitz for Thielen with Diggs out again.

Thoughts? Comments? Concerns?

I actually like the Fitzgerald and Thielen’s advantage over their primary coverage. D. Thomas isn’t going to get shut out, but against Hayward I’m sure it will lower his ceiling.

Fitz and Thielen. Fitz has been playing well and like you said, with Diggs out, Thielen is the #1 option.

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