Pick 2 WR wk8

K. Allen; W. Fuller; C. Hogan; S. Diggs


Help please

Allen + Hogan - can’t trust Diggs when questionable - Not Fuller in SEA


allen for sure. dont like the matchup with fuller. hogan will give you a very solid floor with amendola being a little banged up. diggs still has to prove to me he can play through an injury. i still like diggs only because he is playing in london and those games are blowouts. im banking on the vikings to be on the right side of the blowout.

Thanks guys, I will put Hogan in, I was just worried Cooks would take all the targets. One last question would you pick up Adam Thielen and drop Shepard? or would you keep shepard?

I’d get Thielen.

Yeah scoop thielen. He’s been so consistent no matter whose throwing him the rock. So Allen and thielen.

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I’ve got a similar dilemma. Hopkins or Allen ?

I’d go Allen with the match up he has, man is he going to run all over Eric Rowe.