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Pick 2 WRs to Start


I need to pick 2 more WRs to start this week since I’m already starting Pierre Garcon. Who else should I start?
Tyreek Hill @ NE
Terrelle Pryor vs PHI’
Alshon Jefferey @ WAS


Pryor and Jeffery for me.


Agreed. Belichick is all about shutting down the most dangerous weapon a team has and for KC that’s Tyreek. Pryor and Alshon for me.


Reports have the Pats D focusing on limiting Kelce


Yah, read that too. Also forgot that Josh Norman is going to be shadowing Alshon the whole game, so I guess it’s a tougher call than I thought. Personally not a big Tyreek believer, so I’d still probably go Alshon. Or maybe hit the waiver wire for a potential flier.


Josh Norman does get shit on at times though… I’d personally go with Tyreek and Alshon. I would just hate to see Tyreek break off a ridiculous play and for him to be on the bench lol. If I had him.