Pick 3 Keeper League

The league is a 2 QB 1 RB 1 WR 1 TE 2 Flex, Full point PPR keeper league. I have to pick three keepers from the following.

Joe Mixon - I give up a 2nd round pick
Dalvin Cook - I give up a 3 round pick
Phillip Lindsay - I give up a 9th
Stefon Diggs - I give up a 6th
Julian Edelman - I give up a 10th
DeShaun Watson - I give up a 7th

I am leaning towards Mixon, Cook - but I don’t know who to keep for the third.
What three would you all recommend?

Welcome to the Footballers Forum @adenegre!

I would keep Dalvin Cook in the 3rd, Stefon Diggs in the 6th and Julian Edelman in the 10th.