Pick 3 Keepers

3 Keepers in a PPR league:

R Woods - 6th round cost
Kittle - 10th
Lockett - 14th
Chubb - 14th
Golladay - 14th
Wentz - 14th
Coutee - 14th

Leaning towards Kittle, Chubb and Golladay.

Care to share your thoughts?

Woods, Lockett, and Chubb. Woods because you know the Rams will get him the ball a ton. Lockett is the #1 up there in Seattle, so he will get a ton of quality work. And Chubb because they’re a high powered offense and he’s the goal line back, plus his analytics per Warren Sharp ranked him as one of the most efficient backs during the second half of last season.

Wentz is tempting too, because many people above my pay grade are predicting him to have a huge year.

I’m not a buyer into Patricia’s offensive scheme, otherwise I’d value Golladay more. Kittle was apparently hyper-efficient and there are concerns about whether he can repeat that again.

I appreciate the analysis. I drop Lockett’s value down simply because of how run heavy their offence is. Golladay was a gem last year and I wouldn’t think he’d regress, especially now having a full season without Tate. But on all I find Lockett and Golladay around the same value.

Kittle will never do what he did last year again. But in the impossible position of TE, it almost seems easier to take a high ceiling pick that late in the one and done roster spot, and hopefully not worry about streaming each week.

I’m only hesitant on Woods as I’ll have a shot at any of the three Rams WRs at some point. The value of keeping him as a 6th isn’t as significant as Lockett or Golladay in the 14th

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All of that makes sense, and I can respect your logic. Regarding Golladay, their new OC is Darrell Bevell, which as a Cardinals fan, I can tell you just plays down to his opponents most of the time. Not sure he’s any better than Martyball 2.0 in Seattle right now.

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Woods, Kittle, Chubb easily

kittle, chubb, woods would be my take. Kittle and Chubb are the easy ones just because of position scarcity. QB is deep although I like Wentz a lot, and to me Woods will give you not only consistency, but a great season long floor. Lockett and Golladay have too many questions for me season long.

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I appreciate the thoughts. I did go with Woods in the end.

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