Pick 3 of 4

I unfortunately am in a league with a week 17 championship game. It is a no PPR league with a flex position. I have Lesean mccoy, ezekiel elliott, kareem hunt, and alex collins. Looks like andy reid is planning on resting some of his players, so im thinking of benching Hunt. Any advice? I also have Tyreek Hill with Demarius thomas on the bench.

Hunt and Hill are projected for 0 points on ESPN. Buf and Bal are still in the hunt so slight favor to Shady and Collins.

Chiefs are planning to rest players, I would agree McCoy is a start. Elliot is expected to play this week thought, so if Elliot is playing I am starting him over Collins. Sure you could ask will Elliot only play partially however I don’t see that happening, he has been away for a while, got back last week and should get the bulk this week before the off season. Monitor the situation but if Elliot is playing I start him over Collins