Pick 3 out of these 4

Cooks vs BUF
Evans @ CAR
Tate @ CIN
McKinnon @ GB

Leary about Cooks vs BUF after his bust against them two weeks ago, however he’s highly ranked everywhere I look. I assume NE will run the ball a lot as well, however Burkhead is gone now.

Evans has been a let down, but if Jackson and Howard are out he should get plenty of targets.

McKinnon I really like @ GB.

Tate I don’t know about @ CIN.


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I personally am nervous when giving advice cause anything can happen BUT I’ll give my opinion.

I would go with Cooks, Evans, and McKinnon.

I just like the Cincinnati Defense and don’t know if it’s a good match up for Tate.

I think Green Bay’s defense can be torn apart, just a matter if you think Murray, McKinnon, or both will do well. Last week was promising with both of them doing well.

Evans could be trusted just cause he has a good opportunity for high targets this week.

And Brady is Brady and is going to throw to about whoever but I like Cooks match up more than Tate’s this week.

Hope this helps!