Pick 3 PPR RB options Galore

J.Jacobs @ Browns
D.Swift v Colts
M.Gordon v Chargers
G.Benard (Mixon Out) v Titans

If that were my team, I’d go Jacobs, gordon, and bernard (assuming Mixon sits). If mixon plays, use swift instead.

I’m not loving swift’s matchup this week, but he could get a good amount of targets. But bernard, imo, safer bet than swift if mixon sits.

I got to be honest, I have struggled multiple weeks with josh jacobs. Am I crazy to think about sitting him for Gordon, Benard, Swift? Sometimes Jacobs just kills my week with his lackluster production. I like the other three matchups or game script against their opponent better

You could definitely make the argument against jacobs. But volume is king in fantasy football, and Jacobs gets volume regardless of game script. He could end up punching in 2 tds and you’ll hate yourself if he was on your bench.

I know that’s actually why i’m considering benching him. last weeks snap percentage:
jacobs: 49% (10 Carries)
booker: 29% (3 Carries)
richard: 10% (7 Carries)

He is no longer being feed the ball like crazy unless they’re up by two scores. The games versus the browns should be a shoot out and I expect LV to be down.

I think he was dealing with some sort of injury, which he still may be dealing with unfortunately.

But to throw a wrench into everything, consider this: the forecast for the raiders vs browns game is going to be prime for running the ball versus passing. " This matchup has a chance of rain with 25 mph sustained winds and gusts up to 40 mph. The temperature should be in the high 40s to low 50s, but the wind chill will likely be much cooler".

I imagine this game will be very run centric.

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