Pick 3 RB starts this week

Choices: Gordon, Cook, Mixon, Hines, Yeldon, Kerryon, Coleman. Standard Scoring

I have Gordon, Yeldon as my 1 and 2 this week.
Roll the dice with Hines as my 3, even if Mixon is playing do i give him the first week back to ensure the volume is there like i believe Hines gets vs NE? If Freeman is out does Coleman become a must start again vs PIT?

Gordon, Yeldon, Coleman. Maybe Mixon if both he and D. Freeman are active and looking like they’ll be back to their usual roles in the offense.

Feeling torn on Hines, Mixon and Coleman. Hines with no Hilton playing will get a lot of targets against NE as Lucks outlet guy and he does make plays each week. Mixon, if he is deemed fully good to go then yeah i’ll roll with him although Marvin Lewis always scares me that he’ll do some pitch count tactic but wont announce it like Zimmer did with Cook. Coleman if Freeman is in i don’t know if i have the confidence in his volume even in a clear shoot out.

The issue is i need to know before the NE and IND kickoff tomorrow night as to Freeman and Mixon’s health otherwise it will be a gamble… you know it will be sods law that Hines will score 20 points on my bench if i gamble!

Other issue is i’m a Gronk owner so i may have to go no TE this week, i have no roster space to drop anyone for a streamer and we don’t play IR spots