Pick 3 RB Startss Week 4


Miles Sanders @SF
Jonathan Taylor @Chi
James Robinson @Cin
Joe Mixon vs Jax

Sanders feels like a lock to me. I’m stuck deciding between the other 3. I feel like I can’t bench Robinson with his true workhorse role… especially in a plus matchup. Right now I’m looking to leave Mixon on the bench until the team shows the want to use him.

Philly is a train wreck ( I am an Eagles fan and Sanders owner)

Mixon has to have a get right game which should happen this week.

For me it is a preference between the two.

I’d go Robinson 100% and then either Sanders/Taylor for the other two. I think i’d personally go Taylor just because Chicago hasn’t been stellar against the run (held Giants to like 40 yards but Detroit and Atlanta both had 100+ rushing yards and multiple TDs) but i see your argument for Sanders, he basically is that offense right now.

SUUUUPER easy choice. Mixon sits until he proves something. If I had Mixon, which I don’t (thank God), I wouldn’t put him in my starting lineup a single time again this year until I see TWO straight weeks of solid production.

A lot of people probably don’t have a choice… I’m lucky in the sense that I have Sanders, Robinson, Taylor, and Mostert… this is after losing Barkley as well… Draft was right after the preseason hamstring news. Overreaction had him fall to the 4th round.

i would honestly sit robinson or sanders. mixon is going to eat this week i think, taylor is a must start every week for me

Robinson and Taylor just seem like truly solid workhorses… when it comes to Sanders vs Mixon… I know Sanders comes with a floor of 5+ targets and 15+ carries. Mixon might only get 15 low-value carries and 1 target. It just seems like the Bengals know they’re trash and want to get Burrow as much practice as possible at this point. They certainly aren’t trying to win any games so I don’t expect them to care if Mixon is involved despite having just paid him big money.