Pick 3 RBs - Dynasty

I know who I’m keeping, just thought I’d ask for everyone’s opinions. Dynasty league, and yes, RBs are life.

I can only keep 3 as my league is restructuring.

Dalvin Cook
Gus Edwards
Josh Adams
Damien Williams
LeSean McCoy
Jerick McKinnon
Le’Veon Bell
Elijah McGuire
Jordan Howard
Austin Ekeler
CJ Anderson

Is this a 3 Keeper League that is transitioning to a Dynasty league (keep all)?

No, straight dynasty league, we keep as much as we want for a certain price per player. We just have so many new people that have taken over teams that they have all decided to do a small restructure. So we’re only keeping 2qb, 3rb, 3wr, and 5 other players. It’s a huge overhaul considering we have 34 player rosters.


Ok, to answer your question I would keep:

… in that order.

my boy lol, that’s who im keeping

Ehhh McKinnon is unpredictable so could be good or could be nothing like what we thought it was gonna be.

that’s the scary part, do I risk McKinnon and keep someone like Edwards or Williams

There is no way I’m keeping Edwards. He’s just a guy and Baltimore has no loyalty at the running back position.

Williams, despite playing well within the Chiefs juggernaut offense, is not a consideration for me either. He’s not talented and despite having opportunity now, who knows if that will be the case next year.

The 49er made a huge commitment to McKinnon. I’m not even a McKinnon fan. But he’s the choice.

Disagreeing here. Williams has played up to the opportunity provided. He’s been playing like a talented back since he’s taken over. He just got that extension from the chiefs which is a positive sign. There is no way McKinnon isn’t a time share with Breida. Breida when he’s healthy was beasting. I think that ends up being a 50/50 share and who knows who’s gonna get the goal line work.

I’d watch the chiefs this week and the split between ware and Williams to make a decision. If Williams dominates touches then I’d probably go with him.

I agree, im watching the chiefs game for sure to determine it. But, im leaning McKinnon. It’s probably due to the fact that we haven’t seen him really in the bay, so im teased I guess. Plus, they dropped a big contract on him so I think he would receive more reps than Breida, even though it will be a time share.

I would keep Bell and Cook for sure. This will be an unpopular opinion, but I would keep Howard over Mckinnon. Howard had a bad year, but was still an rb2. Over his 3 years he has 2 1,100 yard rushing seasons, and two years with 9 rushing touchdowns. Mckinnon has not proven anything yet except that he is more effective as the lightning to somebody elses thunder. Howard is also 2 years younger than Mckinnon.

so you would pick Howard even over Williams? I could see if Howard went elsewhere, but sharing the backfield I’m not pleased. I am thinking about picking him up in the late rounds. My league forgets about him.

I don’t think Damien Williams is the real deal, and despite resigning him, I don’t think he is the future of the Chiefs backfield so I am not all that high on him. I see him as an upside pick after all guys with solidified starting roles are gone. I think there is plenty enough volume for Howard to succeed along with Cohen, but he has to get his old efficiency back.

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I like that take. Still not about Jordan Howard. He gave me some good points during bye weeks, but nothing more. As log as Cohen is there, Jordan suffers imo.

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Williams is at least a full tier if not two tiers ahead of howard. He showed it again this weekend.

@ me when McKinnon shares the backfield with breida and maybe even some Wilson jr too

Everyone talking down Damien and acting like McKinnon is proven… he will share the backfield more than people wanna admit.

There are only approx 5-6 players who have a >80% snap share. True workhorses. I expect McKinnon to have a 50-70% share.

I am not a McKinnon truther. I own no shares of him in dynasty or redraft because I did not value him like the consensus. However I absolutely value him higher that Damien Willaims. If you’re a Williams owner, I would say that there is an opportunity to take advantage. Equally, if you’re a McKinnon owner - worried about the player, the competition, the workload - than go get a guy like Williams. High upside, maybe similar risk.

I personally don’t think Damien Williams is the answer. I think the Chiefs will address this in free agency or the draft. Even if just to add depth. The team will currently start the 2019 season with only 2 running backs on the roster. They’ll need at least 3 to 4.

By the way, you can use this page on Fantasy Pros to see the snap count per game and avg % on the year.


Out of interest, i’m assuming it is sooner rather than later but whats the deadline on this decision? You have guys like Bell, Williams that could have major value changes after the draft and/or free agency so it’s hard to say 100% who to go with. Given the large roster/league overhaul i’m surprised you can’t wait until after the draft at least which should hopefully see most of the major free agent moves take place by then too, to give you the most information to make a decision on.

The picks for me today are Bell, Cook and Williams. Hoping that Bell ends up on competent offensive team and can return to top 3-5 form for a few more years. Cook is clear and Williams i am willing to take the risk, very low cost and productive with Mahomes cheap as well right now the chiefs can spend elsewhere (D!) and sure up for the next few seasons.