Pick 3 Running backs- Championship week!

Pick three out of the following:

James Connor, Nick Chubb, Gus Edwards, Jeff Wilson Jr. Damien Williams

Thanks footclan!!

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Definitely Connor and Chubb. After that it gets murky. Damien Williams could still be involved next season depending on what he shows before then and what happens in the off season. Wilson won’t be involved one McKinnon and Breida are healthy. I have a hard time predicting and/or trusting Baltimore backs.

  1. Chubb
  2. Damien Williams (if Ware does not start)
  3. James Conner (if he doesnt get benched)
  4. Gus / Jeff Wilson
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yeah im not sure if ware will get the majority of touches. sucks that he is healthy.

I want to lean Wilson because breida is officially out and it should be just him.

Connor (if he plays), Chubb, Williams.

I will swap Wilson Jr. if Connor is still out

connor, chubb and wilson