Pick 3 to KEEP... Help

10 team standard scoring league
1QB, 2RB,3WR,1TE,1 Flex, 1 K, 1 Def
Auction draft -$200 budget

I can Keep 3 who do I keep?

Michael Thomas($16), Melvin Gordon ($29), Zeke($59), Ajayi($9), Keenan Allen($35),Ertz($7)

I’m not at all used to this format, but just looking at it — I’d say Thomas, Gordon, and Ertz.

Definitely THomas and Ertz. Locking in a WR1 and TE1 for you while only using 10% of your budget is pretty huge. After that, it’s up to you. Given you saved elsewhere, I would be fine with spending 30% budget on locking down Zeke or taking Allen and locking both your WR1s and TE1 down for 30% and then going using rest to secure RBs.

Gordon Zeke and Thomas. Great price on Ertz, but I think the TE pool is easier to pick from. 2 top 8(?) RB and a top 8(?) WR locked down are great. Gordon catches and scores. Plus gets tons of carries. That is way more valuable than Ertz IMHO.

I like Allen but that price is too high for me. Especially in Standard which I am guessing is not PPR (ESPN has PPR as their “standard” scoring).

Pay cheap on Burton/Kittle/McDonald and play upside there. Probably get two of them for the same $7 dollars.

I know I’ll sound a bit kooky, but I actually have Melvin projected to have a better 2018 than Zeke. The Cowboys O-Line is not what it was last year, and it’s easy to see their offense stall a bit more than the Chargers will. Zeke certainly is the sexy name, but is he really worth paying more than double what Melvin will cost you?

Michael Thomas is dirt cheap at $16 too. Given a healthy season, he’s (very close to) a lock for being Top10 in the league in yards (at least 1100+) and a baseline of around 6 TDs. (I see a bump from last year as Drew looks at a few more times to other trusted targets with Ingram out for a while and Kamara (likely) due for a bit of regression. So he’s ago. Especially in a 3WR league.

Your last guy… I’m torn between Ajayi and Ertz. Both are good values. Ajayi locks up another Top20 back on a quality team that’s going to give him a nice bump in carries this season. Meanwhile, Ertz could very well end up the #1 overall TE this season. Take that, $7, and the fact that locking him up means you can ignore that position the rest of the auction… I think that’s my choice. (Plus, when it’s your turn to nominate, you can throw out Gronk, Engram and Kelce to bleed other teams of their $$ early.)

Those three guys give you clear #1 options at each position, while retaining ~75% of your budget, which should be a lot more than many other teams that’ll be paying close to (or over?) market price just so they can lock up name brand guys.

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