Pick 3 to start: beckham, M Jones, E Sanders, R Anderson?

Gotta start 3 wrs - thinking about benching Beckham against NE - 1/2 ppr

I would start OBJ, Marvin Jones jr and Robby Anderson. Sanders is in a new team and has to learn a new playbook. I know its probaly going to be tough for OBJ but you can’t sit him he can blow up againt anybody.


That is what I thought too. Trying to trade OBJ and latavius Murray for Hopkins to the Kamara owner. Then it’s an easier start.

Pats D are just so good.

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Im in the same boat. I’m trying to trade OBJ too. Nobody wants him though haha. I lower my expectations for sunday against the NE DST, but like I said, OBJ is OBJ he can beat anyone.

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This gives me such fomo