Pick 3 WR to start

Standard scoring:

Keenan, Marvin, Kupp, Sammy, Sutton, Baldwin.

Kupp and Keenan

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I need to pick 3. :wink:

I’d go Keenan Marvin and kupp

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Yeah…I’m leaning towards that, too.

This group looks more impressive than it has been.

You wouldn’t think I would be 3-5 with this bunch, and Saquon/ Mixon as my backs, but…here we are.

I’m scared to start…OR BENCH…any of them!

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I agree with Keenan / Kupp.

But am agonizing over Sammy v Marvin for the 3rd spot.

in either case, I’d be stayin’ in the flames; they both had great games last week.

So here’s what I’m looking at.

  • Sammy’s matchup is better.
  • I am starting MIN DST and don’t want Marvin / Vikings to steal minutes and points from one another.
  • BUT… with the Tate trade, I think Marvin’s floor is higher (and his boom bust volatility is lower) than Sammy’s with the Tate trade.

SO…I have Marvin in at the moment.

BUT…I’m waiting to see if Tyreek will play. If Tyreek’s out, I’m starting Sammy.

Make sense?