Pick 4: D. Hopkins, Thielen, Tate, Crabtree, Shepard

12 team league
Full PPR
1st place

My question this week is which WR should I bench?

Here is my lineup:

QB: Goff
WR: D. Hopkins
WR: Thielen
WR: Tate
RB: McCoy
RB: White
TE: Henry
FLEX: Crabtree


Rivers (Q)
Olsen (IR)

I think I’d have to stick Shepard in there based on sheer volume. The rest is a toss up for me honestly. Nice problem to have.

I was thinking about benching Crabtree since I am in a full point reception format.

I think my dilemma is do I want the high floor of points from reception (Shepard) or do I want the high ceiling from TDs (Crabtree).

Shepard is gonna get the targets because he’s the only competent receiver on the Giants.

Tom Brady is probably gonna shred the Raiders subpar defense, forcing Carr to throw more often than not.


I feel like I would have to start Hop based on the ludicrous amounts of targets he receives.
Thielen has been a stud, so he is a must-start.

Maybe Tate could be a potential bench in my situation?

That’s a hell of a problem to have. I’d sit Nuk and play Shepard. Peterson is going to be all over Hopkins and the KC D has been getting torched lately.