Pick 4 Help

I have my draft this weekend. 12 team keeper league half ppr. I have pick 4 and Alvin Kamara is a keeper. I know the Footballers still love Zeke and same with me.

I’m almost certain the top three picks will be Saquan, CMAC, and DJ. My question is should I go for Zeke and take the risk or minimize my risk and go for top WR? With the Dak news yesterday was wondering if that changes anything with Zeke getting a contract before week 1.


Depending on your other keeper WR/RBs i would say you have to go RB, likely either Zeke or Bell. WR is still deep with good value at the 2-3 turn

James White is my keeper. I too believe I need/want to go RB but the drop off after DJ and Zeke I believe is a lot to not go with Zeke.

Zeke and Bell each have their question marks, so its really which you trust more - Zeke playing or Bell returning to form without rust.