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Pick #4 in full PPR


I’ve been seriously considering taking Shady over OBJ and Julio. RB is so scarce and I don’t really like the RB’s that have been coming back to me in the 2nd. Think Shady is worth the 4 pick?


10 team league also


I don’t hate the Shady pick. I wouldn’t blame you at all for drafting him at #4. If he’s your guy, go after him! :+1:t2:


Shady is fine there, if rb is what you want.You should get Williams late to handcuff though.


Shady is fine, but in a full PPR, I’d have a really hard time passing on OBJ (or Brown, if he somehow fell). Remember, the full PPR also makes a lot more RBs viable. Honestly, I’m not convinced Shady should be significantly ahead of the next few RBs (Freeman, in particular), whereas to me, there’s a significant drop off after the first two WRs. Just my two sense.