Pick 4 Keepers for 2018

Jared Goff
Drew Brees
Kareem Hunt
Joe Mixon
DeMarco Murray
Samaje Perine
Marlon Mack
Evan Engram
Jordy Nelson

Thank you very much, FootClan! This is my first post as a Footclan member. I can’t wait to hopefully get my first #FootclanTitle

mixon, engram, hunt, goff

Depends on how your league uses keepers in the draft. I know in leagues I’ve done on yahoo, whoever your keepers are, they eat up your draft picks. So the question is who do you feel will go in rounds 1-4 and are they worthy of that spot. In that sense I think Hunt is the only one worth keeping, then you can have your pick of the litter for the rest of the draft, even if it’s redrafting guys like Mixon or Goff.

If it doesn’t effect the top of your draft I say Hunt, Mixon, Engram, and Jordy.

I’m sorry, I should have added a bit more detail to my situation. I will make sure to do that in the future.

These Keepers don’t effect our draft order at all. It’s just a 10-man Standard League. So everyone picks there 4 Keepers (so top 40) then we draft with what is remaining the pool.

My gut has been going with Hunt, Mixon, Engram, and Jordy too.

Thanks for the help!!

Any time man, I’m a newbie to the forum as well, but I’m excited to have found a community that has a passion for fantasy like I do. I’m excited to make new friends and join some leagues!

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that is tough. locked in are hunt and mixon. after that its a mess of… meh players, old, and just didnt hit the production mark you need to see to keep. with that being said, engram is the next closest to a lock, even though i dont like keeping TEs or QBs. so now i take my flier on the maybe prospect. the value is all kinds of off cause this is essentially a “4th round pick” because there are no rounds tied to them. but i go with perine. out of collage i knew he had the potential, but that it might take a year or two. in this situation im really hoping for just 1 year. if he ends up as a solid RB2 i am so happy. but i dont keep nelson, injury and age concerns. same for demarco. marlon mack is really dependent on what the colts do in the draft so too many question marks. then its 2 QBs and i really really REALLY hate keeping QBs. but, age is the biggest factor for brees, and goff doesnt have enough value to even think about it. but, i can understand going jordy over perine. the risk reward for perine is a very large gap. so if you want someone with actual production in their past, jordy it is.

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I want to take a quick second to say how appreciative I am of the comments you guys are giving me. I have been a member of many various communities and I have never gotten both the legit feedback and the swiftness of comments. So thank you for making my decision to finally join the footclan a great one! :smile: :blush:

Part of me wants to do Hunt, Perine, Mixon, Engram for a youth movement, plus I would have 3 RBs locked up for the foreseeable future. My real gamble comes from what ends up happening with Perine, but I see Hunt, Mixon, and Engram all having very successful careers. Plus, there is always WR depth and flyers throughout the season that I can pick up through waivers. RB depth is sooo hard to find or stream. Just my thoughts.

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hey man i appreciate it! thats what i love about the footclan too. its why i stay so active on here. i love the game, and the people i get to interact with are fantastic!

that was the other part of keeping perine i forgot to mention, so i agree with you completly. a youth movement, mixed with a position that is hard to find good young talent in. WRs are easy. RBs are much harder to come across. other side note, i think this is the year that rookie WRs are going to be a big deal again. last couple years if you picked a rookie WR in the first round of a rookie draft, you missed out. i really think it might be the inverse of that this year.

anyway, glad we could all help! goods luck!

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I’m with @BusterD here. Hunt, Mixon and Engram. If I had to choose the 4th one today, it would be Perine, but that can change after the draft.
When is your deadline to make your picks?

After the 4th Preseason game. I just wanted to get a jump start on it. Getting my idea of who my core will be so I can plan out what I want in the draft.

I read all the comments and, like many people, agree with BusterD. He brings up good points and its hard to see going another way; however, I like Mack. I was able to watch him play last year, as well as every team (redzone is great lol), and he passed the eye test. They will probably bring in another RB; but, if they don’t draft Barkley and bring in an aging vet, Mack could have huge potential. Jordy and Perine will be the expected/popular picks; but, don’t forget about Mack’s explosiveness.