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Pick 5 or Pick 11? PPR


I got a guy in my league who is interested in trading his 11th pick for possibly my 5th pick. Whats you guys thoughts on this? I did a couple mocks at 11 and it didnt work out too bad. Where do you think is the better drafting spot this year for ppr?


Are you getting any additional picks? or just straight up? If you are getting picks it would depend on that. I wouldn’t do it straight up. I’d rather have Julio, OBJ there. I’m assuming at least Bell, Johnson, and Brown are going in the top 4.


Nah just straight up bro


If it’s straight up then definitely not. 5th is an outside shot at Brown, guarenteed to a Jones or Odell. 11th is what Melvin Gordon?

I’d do 5th for 11th and a 3rd rounder or something, get extra value early but no way to straight up.


Agreed. I am getting used to drafting at 10-12, since that is where I have fallen so far in 2 of the footclan leagues I joined, but I would rather start with a top 6 spot.

In my home league where you can choose your spot, I am leaning towards taking 5 or 6 if I can’t be 1 or 2.


I wouldn’t mind taking it if I could get Nelson, Shaddy or Freeman on the turn