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PICK #6 draft advice - 10-team PPR


I have PICK #6 in a 10-team full PPR snake draft today…

Any advice on who I should take (assuming Julio & OBJ are taken)?

I was considering the following:
1) Jordy Nelson
2) A.J. Green
3) Mike Evans
4) LeSean McCoy

I really like McCoy, but full PPR I’m thinking grabbing an elite WR would be more valuable. While I think Jordy’s ADP is lower, he’ll be taken before my next pick & I think he could outperform Green & Evans. Tough choosing between Green & Evans as well.

5) Ezekiel Elliot

Also, what are the thoughts on Zeke and the recent developments? What round is it worth it as this point to take the risk?

Any help is greatly appreciated!


McCoy would be my pick, just because I like to have my rbs set and feel like it’s easier to find good recievers in the 2nd to 7th rounds. All the third tier rbs seem to be gambles. Maybe Zeke if he’s there with the latest news


Thank you @Boss_Hog!

I’ve gone back and forth regarding McCoy vs. WR. And the Zeke developments throw in some interesting risk-reward considerations.


I picked in 6 spot in 10 team ppr, last week mind you.
I picked Evans (just think he could have a monster year, not many health concerns yet), came around turn and Zeke, Demarco and Ajayi were there, I went with Demarco and grabbed Henry later


I would not even consider drafting McCoy at 6. I expect him to have a really tough year. Love the talent, hate the situation. If you want RB, seriously consider Freeman. He’s my RB3 (4 if Elliott plays 13+) and is the only RB in the league with 1000 rushing yards each of the last two seasons. I the past 2 years he has >3100 yards, 127 receptions, and 27 total TDs. That’s elite. He’s also much younger and in a better situation than McCoy.