Pick 68 Trade Bait?!?!

Half Point PPR, 12 team, QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, D, K

I’m drafting 5th, and by the time this pick comes up, I have typically gotten: D Cook, T Kelce (or Kittle), Lamar, and then my 2 starting WRs in the first 5 rounds (think Ridley/Woods range)

By the back of the 6th round, at pick 68, I’m begging for D Singletary to fill my RB2 spot. More times than not, the best remaining option is J Howard (or worse).

Obviously, I’m creating this stress on my RB2 by being elite at QB and TE and having plenty of roster flexibility to chase later round darts on RB/WR.

My thought lately has been to grab a Top 6 QB with the 68th pick (6th round) and then look to trade that player for someone’s RB2 who went too heavy there.

Question is whether there’s more value in a trade bait QB at this spot, or just take my lumps at RB2 and hope that a later round breakout or moderate floor guy can get enough done?

Mock drafting this I get results I’m happier with if I go 2 RBs early and 1 WR early, then more WR later. Rather have at least a strong second; especially if you get Cook with injury potential and you are streaming a RB position. Have you mock drafted other positions drafted and feel differently about the outcome?
Go with what you like for sure, but compare who you are getting instead of Devin if you go RB early and look at the WRs.