Pick 7 standard all points league Question

Have #7 in standard all points league. Will have choice of Gurley/Bell/Conner. Who is best choice. Had Fornette as first pick last year so do not want to screw up 2 years in a row. Thanks

I probably wouldn’t be choosing any of those players at 7. I think it is safe to assume that Kamara, barkley, mccaffrey and probably Elliot will all be gone. I would take david Johnson over those 3 if he falls to 7, and then I would probably try to get Hopkins or adams at wr if Johnson is gone. How many teams? I think most of those rbs would be there in the 2nd along with mixon, who I like over those 3 as well

It is a 12 team superflex league so Mahones may be in play and dj should be picked up at 5, which I assume is the case. It might be safe to just pick Mahones to guaranty points. thanks for the help