Pick a defense for this week

Which defense would you play this week, the Bengals against Denver or the Chargers against Buffalo? I mean the Bengals defense has been solid all year and now get the number 1 match up on the season so far, so I didn’t think I would even consider sitting them. But the Chargers play a rookie qb in his first game. I am torn.

As a bronco fan… play the bengals :unamused: but you’re pretty safe with both. I’m playing the chargers dst myself

FWIW the bills rookie looked real solid for the short time we saw him on the field + he can just do dumps to shady all game, safer bet may be Cincy.

I mean, I think it’s easier coming into a game in garbage time and the team has no film on you. I expect the typical rookie struggles like almost every other rookie qb has had for eternity. I am scared of the conservative game plan though, just dump offs and feed Mccoy. It is a good point.