Pick a defense

Picked up bengals (vs bears) already have Steelers (vs Ravens) and chargers (vs redskins). Planning on starting bengals but now kind of leaning on Steelers. Who do you like best of the 3 this week?

Bengals are good

Exact same question :slight_smile:

Steelers kinda let me down last couple games.

Same place here. I’ve had PIT for most of the season. But finally dropped them and picked up PATS last week. And I HATE the PATS…but…you do what you have to do in this FFB world LOL. They did me good for most of the season…but…not sure enough of them from here on out. AND…think of it this way…Bellichick ALWAYS manages to pull it off…whether by OFF or DEF!!! (as much as I hate to admit it!!!) SOOOO…I’m trusting the PATS DST to get me through!!! (can’t believe I’m even saying that)!!!