Pick a drop?


Here is my roster - I need to drop someone to pick up a kicker this week. Normally I wouldn’t carry two QBs but the Bucs schedule is pretty favorable after their bye and I think Jameis could light it up. I’m leaning toward dropping Jones, Lewis, or Mike Williams. Any thoughts? Standard scoring. The RB waiver is a wasteland and I already have Golladay so Jones might be my first choice to drop. I have an unexplained attachment to Mike Williams. Thanks!

Mike williams?

drop winston. there is always a streamable QB

Bump :slight_smile:

Wait a few days, Hilton will likely be out for the thursday night game. Then plop him in your IR spot and grab your kicker from a sunday matchup.

Drake has to be a candidate here. Let him crap in someone else’s line up. If I’m honest I’d drop Winston and pick him up before Monday night match for am underperforming bench player if your league allows that.

Actually what dan said is the best option if you can do that

I second Mike Williams.

Thanks all! I think I like the Monday night idea - I’ll let the games play out on Sunday, see if anyone sucks or gets hurt, and pick someone to drop - then grab a kicker before one of the Monday night games.