Pick a Pair

Which duo would you rather have? Full PPR.

Ertz and Keenan Allen
Gronk and Sanders

Any input would be appreciated…

I would say Ertz and Allen. Yes Gronk is a stud, but I think the Allen to Sanders gap is larger than Gronk to Ertz. Plus I would feel uneasy about the Denver QB situation. Keenum has not looked good

Season long I would honestly say Ertz and Allen. I think Keenan Allen has the ability to score more points than any player here. Gronk could have Gordon to contest with for targets, or he could get more as he would be open more often. Its hard to tell until we see it ourselves. Philly’s receivers are beat up, their running backs are beat up, Ertz is looking golden right now.

Ertz and Allen. Ertz has the clear path to a ton of targets, Allen has the highest upside.