Pick a side footclan! 0.5 PPR

Team A receives:
Kerryon Johnson
Keenan Allen
Cam Newton (already has Funchess)

Team B:
David Johnson
Marvin Jones
Russ Wilson (already has Baldwin)

Seems reasonably fair. But I like a, in a vacuum,because there is a reliable wr and upgrade at qb

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Playing a bit of devils advocate, what if you factor in Kerryon’s next 5 games? They’re not exactly friendly to the RB. Also, Theo Riddick may be back at some point.

A. Keenan Allen will be consistent. Cam is an upgrade at QB. And Kerryon will have some good games.

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Agreed. And depending on wr depth of the roster dj might be the must have. Like if I’ve got, Tyler Boyd John brown and Emmanuel Sanders or Edelman, orsome mix, then give me The dj side.

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To me this looks lopsided for Team A.

Kerryon has the upside to be as good as a middling Johnson the rest of the season (Back end RB1)

Allen > Jones by a good bit.

Cam > Than Wilson in a run first offense that has negated his scrambling.

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So it’s probably time I reveal which side I’m on… I’m, in fact, team B in this situation:

I now have:
QB - Winston and Wilson
RB - Zeke, DJ, Jordan Howard, Michel, and Aaron Jones
WR - Baldwin, Marvin Jones, and Allison
TE - OJ Howard
Def - Bears
K - Greg the leg

I’m 3-5 and quite desperate, so I figured because of Kerryon’s schedule, and how Keenan Allen has been underperforming (too many mouths to feed on that team IMO) I would reach for the stars and get DJ and a decent WR in a pass happy offense. The difference between Cam and Russ isn’t that big to me… especially since I can play Jameis in good matchups.

My god sir. You need wr depth. Is trequan smith available??

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3-4* about to be 3-5 most likely… premature and pessimistic but it is what it is.

He is, and I like him, but I grabbed Allison over Tre’Quan. We only have 5 man bench and I don’t really want to drop anyone up there! I’m a sad believer in Aaron Jones haha. Who would you drop?

Ouch the shallow benches hurt. Try and package maybe Aaron jones and Marvin Jones for like a John brown or someone who is good but maybe undervalued. If I had to drop someone it would be Aaron jones. But due to the shallow benches. There are probably plenty of wr waiver option available ever week to just plug in

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I’m considering making a trade with the guy who has AB, AJ Green, Josh Gordon, and Cooper Kupp. Hoping that Aaron Jones and/or Jordan Howard play well this weekend so I can swing for Gordon or Kupp (1 for 1) or AJ Green in a package deal, since this guy is having to start Chris Thompson, Peyton Barber, and Matt Breida - all Q tags.

Perfect guy to target. Try and make it happen for ANY of those wr options.