Pick a side (possible big trade)

I’m considering making a big move but I’m not sure which side I would rather have. My league is full of the endowment effect so I don’t even know how much traction this would get but let me know which side you would rather have, if if the exchange is even fair.

Dak, Sony, J Gordon or Christian Kirk, Mahomes. (PPR Keeper)

Mahomes in a keeper league is mouthwatering. Kirk is not a huge downgrade from Gordon. I think I would ultimately prefer the Mahomes side. But it definitely looks like a fair trade and would depend on QB/RB needs.

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I’m on the dak side. He’s been impressive and I think Kirk is a future star!

These are good points! I’m stocked at rb so my WR is not as great. Am I crazy to think Kirk actually finishes higher than Gordon? I’m doing this thinking I’m getting an upgrade at WR and QB but if y’all think I’m only upgrading QB then I may hold off

I think Josh Gordon is the better WR right now. I think Kirk is the better one in two years. Also, Gordon’s situation is a question mark playing alongside AB and Edelman. He will have some great weeks but also have the games like Sunday.

If you see yourself keeping Kirk long term I’d do it. Their value is too close right now for me to call it an upgrade - at least until we see more from the Patriots.

Given that Kirk will see more targets in PPR though, it’s not at all crazy to expect he finish higher. It’s just not a definite in my eyes (could go either way).

I’m sorry, I may have read the op wrong. You’re getting mahomes and Kirk?

Yea…idk if the other guy would even go for it but that’s the idea

He may not, honestly. Mahomes is such a beast.

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True but in my format Dak actually has more points I think…obviously that probably won’t be the case all season long so I’m considering capitalizing on that value now if I can

Yea I’m on the mahomes/Kirk side. Kirk is gonna be a stud. JG is just so risky. In that offense we don’t know who’s going to get the ball and who knows if he takes another sabbatical. I want nothing to do with him honestly.

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Yea that’s why I’m trying to get rid of him :sweat_smile: