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Pick a side


Brandin Cooks
Adam Thielen
Terrance West


Michael Crabtree
Sammy Watkins
Mike Gillislee


Tough, but I would go cooks Theilen and west. Having two Pats players in the mix makes it interesting


Same here. Cooks and West for me


I’d say the Cooks side is a bit safer, and the Gilly side has more upside (and a lot more risk).


Tough one for sure.

I’m going to say I personally prefer Crabtree, Watkins and Gillislee. Reason being I think you have much more upside and consistency. I like Cooks but no one know’s how he’s going to do so there’s a bit of a risk there and he’s always been hit or miss. Thielen is a great late round pick/sleeper, but could end up not producing how people are hoping he will.

Crabtree will be a guaranteed producer. Watkins is the clear #1 guy there and while no one knows whats going to happen with a Patriot RB, Gillislee could easily end up being a great producer as well. I just feel like Crabtree/Watkins/Gillislee give me the best chance at a solid team.


@JoshL I completely disagree. Gillislee is a huge question mark. Watkins may be the #1 in name only (on a bad passing attack), and can’t be trusted to stay healthy. Crabtree is the safe player, but isn’t exactly a high ceiling guy. If Gilly and/or Watkins pop, great, but that’s hardly a guarantee. Hence this is the higher upside, higher risk side. Thielen is going to have a real role. If that I’m positive. Cooks can be a bit boom or bust on a weekly basis, but again, will habe a real role on an elite offense. He’s also the highest upside player on either side. West isn’t a great player, but is locked in to a solid workload.


Thanks for all the replies guys.

So I own the Crabtree side currently and I’ve proposed this trade.

Of those 3, Crabtree would be my only starter being replaced with Cooks. Watkins and Gillislee are on my bench. So for that reason alone, I like the upgrade.