Pick a Trade FOR HUNT!

12 team .5 PPR

RBs: Bell, Hunt, TY Mont, Cohen, Mack Darqwa
WRs: Dez, Fitz, Watkins, Ted Ginn, Decker, Galladay, kearse, Higgins
QB: Dak

Trade Offers on the Table:

  1. Hunt for AJ Green and Aaron Rogers
  2. Hunt for Jordy and Maurry


Help! me please

hunt for jordy and murray seems pretty nice

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You can get more for Hunt. I personally wouldn’t deal him at all, I’d look at dealing one of your other RBs.


Honestly, sell Bell. Sell him high as hell, for a top tier WR. Then you can play Hunt, Ty Mont and then get someone like Evans and a RB. But if you NEEDED to take a trade, id say the first option

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I support this advice as well…sell Bell high and maybe pick up James Conner and hold to hedge your bets even.

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i dont agree that you need more for hunt. i like both of these trades. but, i do agree i would rather it be bell. health issues and a franchise tag would want me out of it. bell for green and rodgers is fantastic. but jordy and murray would be my preferred.

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Team looks good to me, wouldnt sell any of those top guys. especially for those bum trades. Hunt is going to be a top 3 rb this season. hes in a system that supports it. Bell is bell, hes good for 20-25 points a game when hes healthy. If he doesnt produce after this week maybe think about selling but if i was going to get rid of someone there it would be cohen. dont get the hype for this guy. hes going to take a few big hits and itll be a wrap he doesnt have the body mass to go toe to toe with 265lb line backers over and over again. he got rag dolled in the atlanta game a few times. i ran out and grabbed him on waivers and flipped him the next day for some better players cause hes too small to be a long term or productive fantasy running back.

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Fair points! I will hold on them for a better deal. I really need a stable WR. I will try and flip cohen. Hoping for a big week from him so I can grab aj if he does bad this week again!