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Pick 'Em League. Grand prize $1,500!


9 year NFL Pick 'Em League on ESPN.com is looking for new members for the 2017 season. $20 per person. There’s weekly winners and then 1st, 2nd, and 3rd take home solid cash prizes at the end of the regular season. First place guaranteed to take home $1,500.

Message me and I’ll send you an invite today!



I would like to join. Please send me the info imranzballin@yahoo.com


Interested as well.

Marc_Ranallo@hotmail.com if you could send me an invite and info.





I’d like an invite. My email is jonrtaylor@outlook.com



Jon is in! Marc is in! WHO’S NEXT???


75 people, logged in or paid with a full month to go before the season starts. This league is going to be massive.

Again, if you want to join…and you like winning money, shoot me a message!