Pick my championship team!

Full PPR, 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 1 Flex (RB/WR)

WRs: Julio, Crabtree, Keelan Cole, Mike Wallace, Cooper Kupp

RBs: Kareem, CJ Anderson, Kerwynn, DeMarco

TEs: Jack Doyle & Cameron Brate


Crabtree and I can’t believe I would say this but either Cole or Julio(keep an eye on his ankle this week.did not practice today)

Hunt and honestly idk…all 3of those RBs are similar. Gun to my head I go kerwynn but it’s a dart throw honestly

TE- I think you can safely go Brate as pretty sure OJ is out this week…if OJ is in or probably then go Doyle


OJ hit IR today I believe, so looks like Brate is the one. I don’t like playing guys against my own defense anyway. Julio has let me down enough times that I’d be willing to bench him for Cole, although I’ll probably just flex him based on the RB situation. Would Gio Bernard be a better option if Mixon can’t come back?

No …I would just flex Julio…cin is looking bad right now and I just wouldn’t trust they have the ball and are up to be able to run Gio enough…