Pick my flex for week 1

Standard league, who would you flex this week

Jordan Howard
Royce freeman
Larry fitzgerald
Chris Hogan
Dede Westbrook

Who are your other starters?

8 man league, starting lineup is

Jared Goff
David Johnson
Melvin Gordon
Adam thielen
Evan engram

Ah, 8 team league makes sense. I was gonna say these guys should be in your lineup and not a flex decision lol. I would play Howard

Hogan and Fitz have nice match ups this week.

Howard was held to under 50 yards last year twice by GB def. He did get a td in one of those games.

Honestly, I like Freeman better than Howard this week.

Standard I do understand going with RB at flex though because more touches = more opportunity.

Howard. Guaranteed touches there.

I don’t put much stock into what happened last year. Different offense for the Bears this year, one that should be much improved. GB could shut Howard down, but he could also have a great game. What you do know for sure is he going to get a bunch of touches. I like him more than the other options because of the guaranteed volume

Looking at matchups a bit more, I think Chicago will be behind early and may pass the ball more, so I’d trust freeman over Howard.
For the receivers I think Houston may give the Pats issues, and even though it’s brady I still have fears of that matchup, Also Dede is an upside guy. So out of them I think Fitz is the safest play of the pass catchers

I think the safe choice will come down to Freeman or Fitz. What do you guys think?

I’ve given my thoughts already so I’ll stay out of it. Last thing I wanted to say for Howard though is although the game script may not be in his favor, Nagy has been saying all summer that Howard will play all 3 downs this year. Hard to believe that until we see it, but I wouldn’t be scared to play Howard just because GB will probably be ahead

I’d go Fitz over the rest. Howard would be next for me.