Pick my last Keeper

Henry at 5.03 or JuJu at 7.03
12 team standard. Choosing to keep CMC at 3.03 and Flash Gordon at 8.10.

Footclan, help make up my mind on my 3rd and final keeper, please!


JuJu for me.

Not a big henry Fan. 5th/6th is basically where I would even consider drafting him.

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Yes but in a keeper league with roughly 30-36 players off the board before the draft even starts, that moves Henry up into the to 2nd/3rd round and JuJu up to the 3/4 most likely. By keeping CMC in the 3rd, I 'll be waiting til the 4.10 to take guys that compare to either of these two guys potential, in my opinion. Spliting hairs but Im feeling like its better to get the quality RB’s due to the depth at WR.

juju easy. hes going late 3rd early 4th. thats just good value. trade him if you want for a guy in that range as well.

Honestly it depends on who the rest of the keepers are throughout your league. I’d assume everyone is keeping their RB 1s and maybe even 2s, so you probably won’t be able to draft a good RB aside from a rookie like Freeman. There are more WRs in the league than RBs, so I’d keep the RB (even though I don’t like Henry at all)

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bold move, but henry is going to lose the job to dion lewis. someone will give you a 3rd tier rb for juju who i dont think should be going that early in drafts

Thats how Im leaning as well, but its hard to throw JuJu back in the pool for a guy Ive got so many questions about, but if Dion breaks…

did you see what derek henry did without demarco murray last year? not a whole lot. had zero competition and still couldnt run the ball. wouldnt be too worried letting henry go

I don’t understand this logic at all. If Henry moves up, then so does JuJu. JuJu has higher ECR and ADP than henry. SO how does Henry move to 2/3 and Juju move to 3/4? Literally makes no sense.

Im drafting 3rd so I’ll have whoever is left between Bell, Zeke and Johnson so Henry would be my RB 3 at best.

Just knowing how my league drafts and keeps RB’s. The pool of RB’s will be much more depleted than the pool of WRs, so I think he’ll get drafted in the 2/3 range while JuJu has a better chance of being there later but not by much.

I appreciate all of your thoughts. It makes sense and I think that with being able to keep these players for 2 more years with ascending draft round per year, the value is better with JuJu overall.

last comment, there are RB’s deep in the draft that you can get that are starting quality rbs, standard or ppr/half ppr (flex spot). dont get fooled by the early round stuff, booker is starting as of right now, barber is starting as of right now, crowell is starting as of right now, Peterson, theres plenty of rb depth late. all im saying. youll be fine at rb good luck in your draft

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Thanks Hanson