Pick my RBs and D

I’m obviously going with Barkley, but pick two from the following four:


I’m leaning Jones and Lindsay but it really hurts to leave out Chubb.

My Ds are:

Chargers (home to Bengals)
Patriots (@ Miami)

Think this is more straightforward - leaning heavily towards the Chargers.

Any thoughts or recommendations welcome - thanks!



The ballers unanomously say Jones and Chubb. If you can play Lindsay in the flex, that would be quite the trio:


I have Saquon as my RB1, so one of those guys is missing out. I still instinctively distrust the Browns even though they’ve been great recently, plus Lindsay is on fire.

It’s a great dilemma to have, but I’m guaranteed to make the wrong call, aren’t I? Haha

Who are you going to choose?

Personally I’d go Jones and Lindsey for your two additional RBs and the Chargers DST.

Just based on matchups alone I’d go Jones Lindsay

Think I’m going to sit Chubb and go with Barkley, Lindsay and Jones. This may change on Sunday!