Pick my RBs. Your vote shall be heard!

Crowd sourcing my RBs.

.5 PPR. Demarco, Gillislee, Blount, Crowell. Pick two.

I’m 1-4 and my team isn’t great. All votes will be tallied and I’ll post the final results around 5 PM eastern on Thursday. You don’t need to give a reason. Just a vote for two. Thanks friends!

Vote for 2 to start in you’re lineup?

Demarco and Gillislee.

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Correct. My backs aren’t great. Desperate in this league and am taking the total tally of votes over multiple platforms to decide the starters.

Murray and Gillislee.

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Demarco and blount

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If smallwood out definitely Blount, toss up on Murray v Gilly

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