Pick Number 4 Help

I have my draft this weekend. 12 team keeper league half ppr. I have pick 4 and Alvin Kamara is a keeper. I know the Footballers still love Zeke and same with me.

I’m almost certain the top three picks will be Saquan, CMAC, and DJ. My question is should I go for Zeke and take the risk or minimize my risk and go for top WR? With the Dak news yesterday was wondering if that changes anything with Zeke getting a contract before week 1.


I’m in a league where the guy at 4 did exactly as you suggest: he took DeAndre there.

He wound up doing pretty well for himself, provided Mixon can overcome what projects to be a bad offense in CIN, and David Montgomery really is the truth.

You’re still relatively in control at 4, because you’re picking with a ton of great talent on the board, ADP be damned.

I love that he was able to get Mixon with his second pick and then David montgomery. I think that would be ideal for me but I have a hard time seeing that happen in my league with keepers. Worried at who would fall to me at RB.

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Yeah, this was re-draft…different scenario. Good luck!

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And on the subject of Dak turning down 30 mill: not sure how to read that, yet.

My initial reaction was that it slows everything down. They offered him 30 mill because they felt it gave them room to make Zeke (and eventually Amari) happy, too. But now that Dak has vetoed that deal, they have to go back to the drawing board.

Does it mean they could push some of that money Zeke’s way, get a deal done, and take a different route with Dak (like the perpetual franchising that happened with Cousins in DC)? Sounds like something Jerry would do.

Sure…but I think Steven Jones is trying to push his dad to be cap-smarter and won’t let them invest in RB with lots of money.

Gonna be an interesting August in Dallas…