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Pick one 1/2 PT PPR keeper: A Robinson, C Hyde, S Watkins, K Allen


Please pick one 1/2 PT PPR keeper: A Robinson, C Hyde, S Watkins, K Allen. Please splain yoself as to why you picked who you did. Thanks!


You have three good receivers here, don’t think anyone is “wrong”.

ARob is the safest, less injury history, gets lots of Garbage time from Bortles. Watkins has the highest ceiling. Won’t be a PPR machine, but Tyrod likes to toss the deep ball and he loves to get it. Allen is almost the opposite, I would expect him to have more receptions than either of he’s healthy.

My pick would be Watkins, gamble on the ceiling. I wouldn’t consider Hyde at all IMO.


I agree with most of the of the points from ReginaPatFF. With Robinson you are probably getting 16 games but I think last season will be more likely the week to week for Robinson. Watkins can get you top 5 but has proven he can’t stay healthy, but if he does its a game changer. With the Mike Williams news Allen becomes more intriguing but he has the same problem that Watkins has with health, but I think his weekly floor is higher than Watkins based on the amount of rec and yards he will get. With all that said, If Hyde shows he has won that job in SF during training camp (I think he will) then I would take him. Hyde had over 1100 total yards and 9 TDs in 13 games last year. If you have to know today I would go Watkins. Good luck this season!


My tendency for keepers, assuming there is no penalty, is to shoot for the moon. The player is basically free so why not go big.
That being said, Watkins and Hyde have the most upside. Robinson is the safer option, and Allen is the most talented player. Allen plays like Steve Smith, expect while Smith is indestructible he is made of that really thin toilet paper you find in public bathrooms on that really hard to move wheel. So everytime Allen starts strong and looks good the paper rips and you are left with one little square that just won’t quite get the job done.

I’d go Hyde, then draft Joe Williams late just in case.


i agree with everything said here, except for the hyde apologists. which brings me to saying Arob, watkins or allen. and for me thats allen. the receptions coming his way are just too insane to ignore. lets say everyone is healthy all year. keenan ends up higher than watkins. easy. 1 billion more receptions, and similar TD totals.


1 Billion lol

I have combined both player’s 2015 and 2016 seasons because neither played that much. I have also calculated their pace for the combined seasons.

I dunno man, Watkins has it by a lot.


thats a bit unfair to keenan, since he only played 1 half of a game last year. those numbers shoot way up. especially the TDs. if we go off of just 2015 stats, and extrapolate botho fo them to 16 games, keenan was on pace for 134 receptions, for 1450 yards, and 8 TDs. sammy on the other hand, still has a good year, with 74 catches, for 1287, and 11 TDs. in full point PPR that stats out like this.

Kennan: 327
Watkins: 269

thats 58 points different. now, if you get more points for big TDs then that changes things. but from a game per game look, im taking the consistent big numbers, over the boom bust. plus, keenan will have all the opportunity in the world to get more TDs.

the real problem is, this is all guess theory, so you could come back with different numbers and show me wrong. the real question is, who stays healthy. i honestly think thats allen. but only time will tell.


They both have had oddball injuries. I lean more on Watson because we have precedent with players recovering from his injuries to full form.

Yeah you correct, both have huge upside, but as I have said before. I would rather worry about a player meeting their ceiling than playing at all.


I am going to run through my process of elimination and in the order of how I would cut guys in my head.
(disclaimer i probably have no idea what I am talking about)

Carlos Hyde - I think he probably won’t play a full 16. They brought in Tim Hightower, drafted Joe Williams, and there’s DuJuan Harris (least worried about Harris). And I’m not sure if game-script will let them run as much as they might want to… I project Hyde finishing as a low end 2 RB or high 3 RB.

Allen - I loved Allen last year, traded for him, and he tore his ACL. Now, I just can’t get behind a guy who I haven’t seen play more than half a season since 2014. And I think people are just putting him on a pedestal where he gets 70+ receptions and idk if i buy in. Chargers have: Gordon, Tyrell Williams, Inman, Benjamin, Antonio Gates, and Hunter Henry. So the only sure thing I can say is i like Rivers… lol

Robinson - He seems like the safest, but as Guinness said I’m not really looking for safe. Plus I think we see less of Bortles slinging it due to improved defense and possibly a better running game

Watkins - He’s the guy (if healthy) in Buffalo. We’ve seen him put up good numbers and I think he’s got the highest ceiling.I’m not too worried about his foot. Other WRs that have undergone 2nd foot surgeries (Dez Bryant, Julio Jones, Julian Edelman) “courtesy of FFBallers”.

So sorry for the long-winded answer but I’d pick Watkins!


Man this is incredibly helpful. Thank you all. It seems like Watkins and Hyde may be my best options. I have one more week to decide but I truly appreciate everyone’s insight. Will let you know what I ultimate decide and why in case others might find this useful.