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Pick one: Dez or Tre'Quan ROS?


Picked up Dez yesterday after the news broke, so now I have both Dez Bryant and Tre’Quan Smith clogging up my bench. I’ve got a championship contending roster, so this is mainly for depth.

However, I am the Kareem Hunt owner and definitely need to make room on my roster for Spencer Ware. Which receiver should I drop?

I could also potentially drop Elijah McGuire as well as a 3rd option. Again, all of these drop candidates are depth and I’m not planning on starting them unless it’s a really bad bye week or some other emergency.



I’d try to package trade Dez and Elijah because I think you can get more value for that than Smith and Elijah. You can get retain decent depth at whatever position you try to chase with that trade and pickup Ware on top of it.


Haha, you read my mind, I’m already sending out offers. But I still have no idea who to drop if nobody bites . . .


Ya it’s definitely a tough choice. I think I’d drop Tre’quan though. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dez starts soaking up the short route targets and M. Thomas starts specializing more in the deep routes, which would heavily impact Smith. Just a hypothesis though.