Pick One.... Full PPR

If you only get to pick up one off the waivers… who would you choose out of this group in a full PPR?

  • Calvin Ridley
  • Mike Williams
  • Sterling Shepard
  • Geronimo Allison
  • Antonio Callaway
  • John Brown

I’m in this same spot almost and I’m going for Brown. His catch percentage isn’t great, but he gets lots of targets.

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I like Mike Williams and Allison. Williams is developing a nice report with Rivers and looks like the clear red zone threat and looks like he has the hands and size to be a solid deep threat. Allison is looking like the #2 for Rodgers and seems very reliable. The only thing holding me back from Allison is Rodgers’ knee; I’m just uncertain if it will hold up all season.

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I’m not buying into Allison, myself. I feel like there’s too many questions in GB

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Yeah I’m hesitant on Allison, even though his numbers are pretty solid over the past 3 games. I’m scared Ridley is going to disappear right after I pick him, what do ya’ll think? John Brown is really interesting but I have Crabtree on my bench and it would be really annoying to try and choose between those two even though Brown’s got the upper hand right now.

I like Brown best out of this bunch as far as week to week goes. I can’t deny Ridley’s talent and think his ceiling is clearly bigger. Hard to find guys on the wire that can do what he did last week. Will he do it again this year, likely no, but that doesn’t mean he won’t take over Sanu’s spot on a team that is going to throw a ton.