Pick one keeper Startup

Juju, Kupp, Sanders

JuJu all the way!

Agree with Juju

Def Juju. Highest upside and floor in 2018 and beyond.

I don’t think it’s quite the landslide for JuJu. He’s productive, but not consistent unless brown is out. Sanders is a solid 1000/5 guy and Keenam is better than what they had last year. JuJu has the potential, but Sanders is the safer play

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@hertel3k I think you have a point that it is not a landslide.

I see Juju and Sanders having similar years. I looked up Mike Clay’s projection (not knowing the results before hand) to find an outside opinion.

Mike clay has projected Juju with:
6TD, 1003 yds and 118 targets

Mike clay has projected Sanders with:
6TD, 1080 yds and 138 targets

What pushes me to say Juju is the fact that this is his age 21 year and Sanders age 31 year. There is a possibility that Juju is a keeper next year and Sanders is not. I also like Big ben over Keenum.

Completely agree. I still fear Bryant and Bell stealing targets away along with Brown, as opposed to just DT in Denver. More opportunity on Sanders side. But yes, long term is JuJu by a mile.

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Alright so my roster in a three keeper PPR.

I was offered 1.01, 2.01, mahomes
For Bell and Kupp and I’m gonna ask him to throw in sanders

Any thoughts I’m new to keepers. I can keep three at a +1 round penalty. And keep rookies for free

Sanders is also 10 years older, and Juju should get better. The only way I’d even consider keeping Sanders is if I thought I had a really good chance to win this year.